“Clothes can create the illusion of curves. But I say, why fake ’em, when you can make ’em?”



  • 6 week training plan (6 days a week) consisting of:

    • Glute activation drills

    • 3-4 x weekly weight training sessions

    • Plyometric and Interval based training sessions

    • Additional recommendations for endurance and recovery sessions

  • Lifestyle recommendations and strategies based on your own specific body type; jelly bellies, muffin tops, thunder thighs

  • Nutritional guidelines and weekly sample menu plan

  • Online support


This program, “Creating Curves”, does exactly what the title suggests. The combination of targeted lower body and core dominant weight training workouts with specific plyometric based intervals, encourages the development of strong, shapely, and sexy curves. If you want to improve your posture, change the shape of your body and build a booty to die for without spending hours in the gym, then this program is ideal for you!


“Alexa takes the time to assess everyone on an individual basis. She got to know my “problem areas” – my bum and thighs – and designed a program that worked on them. I had never touched weights before, but I loved that I was able to change the shape of my body, improve my posture and embrace my curves. I’ve never enjoyed exercising as much as I do now, which means that it’s something I can and will maintain on my own without spending hours in the gym”

Renae Ayris xx

Alexa has over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry as a sports & fitness model, athlete and personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach.  Alexa has completed the Gym Jones Advanced Programming Course, in addition to being an internationally certified Polestar Pilates Instructor, and completing in-house training and practical internships with industry leaders Poliquin, Marinovich, Martin Rooney and Gray Cook.

Alexa is a Precision Nutrition Coach, and has been a Bio Signature Practitioner since 2009. Based on body composition analysis, Bio Signature is essentially scientific spot specific fatloss, and is a valuable tool in enabling Alexa to create training, nutrition and lifestyle programs that are individual to each client and their body types.

Alexa has appeared on CNN and Bloomberg in her capacity as a fitness expert, in addition to being Channel 9’s Weekend Today Fitness Expert and the trainer and taskmaster for Season 5 of Asia’s very own Supermodel Me.  She is a regular contributor to international lifestyle publications inclusive of Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Women’s Fitness, Cleo, The Daily Mail Online and The Daily Telegraph.

Her celebrity client list includes Laura Dundovic, Renae Ayris, Joelle Hadjia, Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll, Kris Smith, Sophie Falkiner and Kate Peck.

“As with all my programs, I firmly believe that if you can cultivate a strong work ethic in the gym, it will translate into all other aspects of your life. So go hard, or go home!”

For more information on personal training sessions or online training with me, please see my website www.alexatowersey.com or leave me message below.

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 – also for viewing on your apple iOS device
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